Videographer – Tri-Cities, Tennessee

This job is in our Johnson City, Tennessee office:


The Videographer/Cinematographer will receive the script and shot sheet for each shoot to review
ahead of time in case they have questions. They are responsible for capturing the shots as they are
called for on the shot sheet, though the script can be used as a creative guide for shots requiring

Skills & Equipment Required

  • Must have an “eye” for the shot.
  • Film the shots in accordance with the shot layout, using the script as a creative guideline for shots requiring improvisation.
  • Must be upload video files to online storage system
  • Must be able to operate a computer
  • Experience in lighting & sound is a plus
  • Must have previous Video/Film experience – Sample Work
  • Must be fluent in English
  • Must have own HD Camera, lenses, tripod, etc…
  • Lighting & Sound gear is a plus


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