Creativity is key to advertising; making the most important factor in a successful campaign the creativity behind it. When you’re selling something, you’re not just selling the product itself; you’re selling a concept, an idea, a lifestyle.

How “out of the ordinary” or unique should it be? Does it depart from stereotypical concepts and thinking?

  • Flexibility:  Will it contain different ideas or subjects that move from one to another?

  • Elaboration: Will it contain numerous details?

  • Synthesis:  Should it make unusual connections between objects or ideas normally unrelated?

  • Artistic Value: How visually or verbally distinctive should it be? Should production be artistic?  Does it make ideas come to life?


TV Commercials

A television commercial is an excellent way for any business to increase revenues.

TV reaches much larger audiences than local newspapers and radios stations, in a much shorter time. This allows you to convey your message with sight, sound, and motion, which can provide instant credibility for your business, product, or service.

TV commercials also present the opportunity to use creative advertising concepts, and attach a personality to your business, which can be particularly effective in attracting repeat business.

Infomercials & Direct Response TV Premium Commercials

Infomercials give you more time to explain the features of your product, presenting viewers a clear idea of how they will benefit from using it. By including a call to action that entices viewers to place an immediate order via a phone number or website, you can determine whether the infomercial is a success within a few days to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Web Commercials

People spend more time on the internet than ever before, meaning more video is watched online than on television each day.

Web commercials also allow you to target a specific audience, and take advantage of sharing throughout social networks. This is further enhanced with video search optimization, allowing it to be found, and viewed, across multiple viewing platforms.

Sales & Product Videos

The right sales, or product demo video can make all of the difference, clarifying the products or services you offer. These are designed to be easy to understand, allowing you to define your importance to the viewer, which makes them perfect for startups, and established business alike.

Corporate Videos

Corporate videos have a variety of applications, from introducing policies and procedures, to training or motivating employees.

These can be highly effective for seminars, exhibitions, or presentations.

Custom Video Projects

We can tackle any size project, from music videos to documentaries & short films.


Basic videos deliver a message or present a company is a simple and effective manner. These videos implement conventional presentation ideas, combined with basic video shooting concepts.

15 Second
30 Second
1 Minute
2 Minute
3 Minute



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